At Building Blocks, we believe that it is crucial to give every child in our care a clean, safe, comfortable, and fun environment in which they can learn and grow to their full potential. 

With age appropriate programs and curriculum, our teachers and caregivers aim to foster individual learning and developent in every age group. Developmentally appropriate activities and engaging lesson plans ensure that your child will be presented every opportunity to expand his or her mind and establish critical thinking and social skills.

At our Center, we feel it is important to encourage children to engage in a variety of activities, fostering well-rounded individuals. Our teachers and staff work to reinforce social, physical, and intellectual concepts through various day to day programs. 



If you would like to schedule a visit or enrollment interview, please contact us at:

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2027 Forest Hills Drive
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Elton, Pennsylvania 15934


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Hours of operation: Monday - Friday 6:00am - 6:00pm

2027 Forest Hills Drive Elton, PA 15934