At Building Blocks, we offer before and after school care for children between the ages of 6 -12 years old. During these times, your child will be engaged with age appropriate activites such as crafts, games, and other educational challenges to inspire critical thinking and creative probem solving. Throughout his or her time at Building Blocks, your child will receive child care, but more importantly, will be exposed to activities that expand upon school lesson plans, homework help, and assistance with reading and comprehension skills. Our center strives to collaborate with local school systems not only to prepare our preschoolers for kindergarten, but also to continue working with them throughout their elementary education. Our before/after school care is availbale to students throughout the school year. Due to our centralized location, busing to and from Building Blocks is availble through several major school districts including Richland and Forest Hills.

In addition to our latchkey program, we offer more comprehensive, full day care for school-age children during the summer months and on school holidays. In order to continue educational development during this time, your child will be engaged with planned, age appropriate activities to reinforce and build upon the foundations instilled in him or her by both our Center and the elementary school system. In addition, special games, crafts, and themed activity days are planned to inspire creativity, and of course, have fun!

If you have any questions regarding our school-age latchkey or summer programs, please contact us by either phone or email. 

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