Our Preschool curriculum begins the stages of preparing your child for kindergarten and beyond. In this program, we expand upon the knowledge and skills your child has already developed and foster his or her continuing curiosity and eagerness to discover the world around them.


Our teachers and staff have developed a specialized curriculum basedon the Pennsylvania Early Learning Standards for Education which engages your child, yet is flexible enough to allow him or her to explore personal interests. We cover many important topics in our program.




Math and Science  

 Critical thinking and problem solving are skills that begin to develop during the preschool years. In our program, your child will learn to:

    •    Count

    •    Identify and Write                       Arabic Numerals

    •    Sort objects by similar                 characteristics

    •    Recognize and Create              Patterns

    •    Chart and Graph                        Information

    •    Interpret Calendar                      Information

    •    Identify sequences of                 events

    •    Follow multiple step                      instructions

    •    Discuss science in                          nature: the weather,                    seasons, magnetism,                        etc.,




Vocabulary, comprehension, and other language skills develop at a rapid pace during this stage. Our Preschool class will learn to:

    •    Identify and Write upper and lower                
case letters

    •    Recognize Rhyming words

    •    Engage in group story times by                          listening and even “reading” to the                 class

    •    Identify Opposite words





Creative Play

Our curriculum also fosters creativity through a variety of games and day to day lessons. We allow ample opportunities for:

    •    Arts and Craft Projects

    •    Sensory Exploration and                   manipulatives such as                     clay, textured materials                    and toys, and sand                             and water tables

    •    Dramatic Play stations

    •    Musical and rhythmic                         exposure through                                 games and                                           instruments