Infant Care

Leaving your bundle of joy with a new caregiver is a big step in parenthood. We at Building Blocks understand this and strive to offer a "home away from home" for your little one. Our Infant Care Program is focused on providing your child the same warm, loving, nurturing environment they are so accustomed to at home. Your child’s day is personalized to their specific needs and schedules.

In addition to primary day to day care, our infant care staff provide engaging, nurturing
interactions with your child - beginning the road of social and emotional development at a very young age.

If you have any questions about our Infant Program, or simply want to tour the space

and meet the staff, please contact us at your convenience. Thank you for considering trusting Building Blocks with your most precious, little treasure.






Did you know?

Your baby was born to smile. We know this because blind babies also smile - so it's not just copying!